Milk Lover Bib Set of 4 W/ Free Paci Clip

  • $ 20.00

Ooby Dooby Baby bandana drool bibs set of 4 feature; uniqueness, functionality, and style. We know and understand how that drool and spit ups are inevitable. Our bibs promise to do their best to catch all of your babies burbs, coughs, spit-ups, drool, and anything else that happens to escape from their little mouths. 

Ooby Dooby bandana drool bibs above all are functional and user-friendly! The carefully thought out design of our bibs are meant to keep your babies dry and keep parents from worrying about moisture build up.

Ooby Dooby Baby bandana bibs are...

  • Super Absorbent - Every bib is made with two layers of fabric to increase absorbency. The front is made of 100% soft organic cotton, and the back layer is a super absorbent polyester fleece. Ooby Dooby baby bibs do not use a plastic lining in order to keep an overall softness and quitter feel to your baby.
  • Extra Comfortable - The Ooby Dooby bib is exceptionally soft and absorbent. Many leading brands use plastic lining, but we believe we can achieve functionality without compromising comfort for your babies’ gentle skin.
  • Made with Adjustable Snaps - Each bib is made with 2 adjustable snaps providing  size settings as your baby grows.  Recommended ages: 3-24months.

Ooby Dooby Baby bibs will not only keep your baby dry and happy, but they will keep moms and dads happy as well. Our different patterns and color schemes will compliment the cutest outfits while keeping your bundle of joy smiling!


1. How do I keep my new bandana bibs looking great?

Our bibdanas are super easy to take care of! For best results we recommend: machine wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. You may also tumble dry in low heat. In order to maintain a wrinkle-free bib after washing, it is recommended to iron the bib on medium heat.

2. What is the material used in the bibs?

Ooby Dooby Bibs are made out of 100% organic cotton. The back is 100% polyester fleece. Our bibs help absorb drool and keep your baby dry.

3. What is the main use for bandana bibs?

Our bibs are primarily used as drool bibs to keep your baby dry all day long. They’re super cute and adorable making them a necessity for you’re fashion forward baby! You may wish to use the bibs during feedings however, this may dirty the bib faster. Always remove the bib when your baby is sleeping.

4. What ages are the bibs intended for?

Your baby will be happy to know that our bibs work well for ages 3 months-36 months. The two adjustable snaps make the bandana bibs fit a wide age range.